Large Signage and Architectural Gym Graphics
Antoinette Reading Junior High, June2011

Houston, TX: At Murals and Big Art we have been doing large mural work along with a plethora of hand painted gym and architectural graphics. 

In May, we were contacted for this project. After a couple of meetings the dead line was set to start in June. We started this part of the project around July. The project took around eight weeks to complete. 

The school provided the designs and we took it from there. They specified the locations through out the school. We were able to show them the exact size by using a projector to project the images on the wall, this way they were able to get a feel of the actual size being proposed. We sized up the images to fit the specific wall, where they would not be too small  and that  they would not crowd selected areas. When doing these large works you want the images to fill the space but you still want some space around the images so make the whole thing look more professional. AS any one who does this kind of thing, we know that the white space around the images is part of the whole picture.

The main and largest graphics were located in the auxiliary and main competition gymnasiums. These gym graphics were around 15 feet tall by 10 feet wide. There were also letter signage with the gym graphics. Letter were approximately 20 inches tall and spanned out 10-18 Ft.

To get these large graphics done we usually project the images to scale, then we lightly sketch the design on to the wall. Then we go right to painting. The process is a series of laying the colors and then we tighten up the edges and finally sharpen all the edges. This can be a bit tricky especially since the bricks are usually not very smooth and some have heavier texture than others, this is where the experience comes in in making the edges of the design nice, sharp and crisp.

The results are permanent and will be up indefinitely or until they decide to repaint, a few years from now.

Even though the clients usually provide the design in these cases, we are adept  and available to provide design assistance where we are able to work with the school in designing something that will translate well in to a large wall graphic. The reason I mention this is because sometimes the, inexperienced designer may get a little over zealous and over do the design by putting in too many lines and  colors, and dark colors and create  something that looks great on paper in small scale but might not look that great as a large wall graphic. We made a an adjustment on the design by using the airbrush to add a soft shadow  and lighten the design from the original which I thought was too dark with  the two tone  grays and dark lines.

There were smaller graphics also in the weight rooms, entry foyer.

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