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Antoinette Reading Junior High

June 2011




                 ARJRHS MAin Gym.jpg (244803 bytes)  ARJR.jpg (52797 bytes)    


[A] Above: The main gym consisted of the AR logo center, and two large longhorn logos on the sides. The AR logo graphic  is approximately 10 feet tall and 8 Ft. wide. They are about twenty feet high on the wall. The longhorns are around  the same size.   Note: The Longhorn logos were airbrushed around the edges to give them a unique soft look. 

[B[ At right is the smaller, auxiliary gym, the graphics are approximately same size as above.

                                          ARJRHS ForgingfChampions.jpg (76147 bytes)  ARJHS Small wt room.jpg (74838 bytes)  ARJR AR weight room.jpg (64380 bytes)



Below: The three graphics below were painted in the main weight room."The forging of Champions" letters were around 24 inches tall and spread out horizontally to around 30 Ft.

The AR and the longhorn logos are around 6 Ft. tall.



ARJRHS Foyer.jpg (81952 bytes)


Above: The above graphic Is at the entrance way foyer, welcoming the kids as they enter the gym. The size is approximately 5 X 5 feet.

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