Art Repair Project by Gatica Art

At Gatica Art, we are called to repair pieces of art in assorted forms i.e: sculptors, of assorted categories, canvas pieces, frames, prints and murals. 

If you have some damaged art, some restoration is possible, depending on the damage. We have cleaned old painting by taking away years of smoke or dirt damage. We are proficient at matching the existing colors of the painting. 

 Even though this project did not require the airbrush, we hand painted the aluminum sculptor. The piece is a an old aluminum  sculptor. It was brought by a Houston client. The history behind it went back around fifty years and possibly older. The client was not certain of its age but remembers the piece hanging in their front yard as a young kid, in New England.

The client provided good research, he already had the flag colors and a few samples of what we could do with the sailors outfit. We added the white stripes on the suit based on our artistic license. The results were a combination of my artistic license and the client's input based on his research.

To repair the piece we hand-sanded  and scraped the old paint. But before that we had to figure how to proceed with the repainting we had to decipher what the piece looked like in its original state.  We could still see some although very  little, of the original paint in the assorted flags and the clients had already done research on the flags. Because of that we were able to paint it like it was originally.

 Oil Enamel paints were used to keep it in line with the way it was originally. 

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You can see the before and after pics below.

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