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Artists who freelance their talents often get asked to create custom works off a clients idea or vision. Most artist take on the challenge and depending on their experience can lend themselves to achieving the goal for the client.

But the most experience an artist has, he can assure a client that it can be done. By experience I mean knowing different techniques, approaches, work experience as far as what the artist has done in the past. And even where the artist has been as far as geographical area. “I consider New York to the be best place to see the most works of art, especially if you have an opportunity to go to the New York Art Expos, where you will see very various exquisite, eclectic works from all over the world,” says Artist Ray Gatica. Having lived in Connecticut a few years ago, I had the chance to attend a few of them”. This is very enriching to any artist. Along with this type of experience it is essential that artist are observant of what is around them, of other types of styles of work, and other artist and their approaches. By doing this they learn by osmosis. 

In most cases when a client wants custom art painting, they already have something special in mind, a particular style, etc. And in a lot of cases they also have a photo or page of a magazine or even a small clip of paper of what they want. A seasoned artist should be able to view these images and see what steps to take to achieve the results sought by the client. This is where the artist experiences, observations, study of styles, processes, etc, come in.

Gatica has been doing this as his business, creating and painting murals, large canvases for private and commercial clients. Some of his paintings have included, underwater theme sea-scapes, serene, pastoral scenes for a meditation room, clouds on the ceiling, modern wall graphics, and even scenes with people the clients pets and husbands in them. 

Gatica broad style come from his years of experience. He is adapt at doing dry brush and regular acrylic painting on canvas and wall, and even faux finishing techniques and airbrushing can go into one of Gatica's painting. In other words, Gatica does what ever it takes to achieve what he sees in the pictures to please the client. When ever possible, or when asked by a client, he like to incorporate the human figures into the paintings. The human form is very versatile of a subject because it can be painted realistically, caricature-wise or be exaggerated as below. Non-the-less painting or drawing the human form also takes knowledge of basis bone structure and experience in painting it.

Gatica personal style is very modern and contemporary. He especially likes to create in the art deco style and likes to exaggerate the human form a la: The Lladro and Erte figures. When ever he can he like to incorporate the human figures into his painting.

Working off a portrait or picture. The best way to approach an artist when wanting something painted is to collect images whether pictures, magazine clippings, or images off the web, and then approach the artist. Ask him if he works off a picture. Most experienced artist will say yes. The main thing is that the artist has the knowledge to work in a variety of styles. Also keep in mind that the better the images you show the artist the better the final results. 

One time a client came to me with an old image by an artist name Rousseau and I duplicated the painting. That was a challenge because the painting was a complicated one. At the end the client was happy because the recreation was a lot more vivid in color that any print he could have bought.

Customer satisfaction: Having something commissioned for yourself is always exciting and fun, and depending on your personality it can also be nerve wracking. If you are that type, try to remember that it is just a painting and if the artist is professional enough he can make adjustments whether to certain aspect of the painting or color - even after the work has been delivered.

One time, I had a client call me a few days after I had delivered and hung a large painting, a 10 Ft. X 10 Ft. piece, at her home - because the she did not like a certain green color I had used. So I went back picked it up and brought it home and made the color adjustment. It took me about three hours but she was happy at the end. After that I wound up painting a couple more pieces for her. The pieces were all under water sea-scape themes, a la Christian Reese Lassen style. They were fun to paint.

A professional artist will always do that for his clients...

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Artist Enjoys Bringing Clients' Visions To Life