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High Ground Airsoft Press Release


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September, 10 2015 



SPRING TX - High Ground Airsoft, an Indoor - tactical gaming, playing and training facility, is opening their second location in Texas. The first one is located in Beaumont. The 36,000 square-foot facility is unique and the first of its kind in the Houston area. The facility is located in Spring, TX, at 100 Cypresswood, Spring, TX, 77388, Suite #1302.

The grand opening is September 15, 2015.  Also attending will be various industry related suppliers, manufacturers and retailers.

For the second facility, owners, Kurt and Rochelle Korpi, envisioned a main street from a small-town, USA, with business facades painted simulating a main street. “He had quite a vision of what was to come and what he wanted for the main street scene”, says local, Humble, TX, artist Ray Gatica, who helped the Korbis bring their vision to life at the gaming facility by painting the various larger than life sized business facades as dictated by Korbi.  Korbi provided sample images for the artist to go by, and the artist took it from there to paint the 17-feet tall, life-size business facades. The faux business fronts consist of a standard gas station, a bank, a restaurant/bistro, police station, gun/ammo store, a theatre, etc. Along with the simulated business front there are also clouds, trees in the backgrounds and utility poles to tie it all together along with large graphics, signage and lettering and some faux finish work to simulate stone work and brick walls. “It is really quite exciting, it turned out nice and the owners were pleased” says, Gatica.

Some of the facades were inspired from the “Back to The Future Movie” - to simulate a main street in a small town.  The length of the simulated street is approximately 150 feet in length, by 20 feet high. The painting was done on both sides and on both ends of the corridor.

From the main street/main corridor there are alleys, and various hall ways that make a maze where the customers can maneuver around as they play tactical games with friends and other attendees/gamers. There are also cars and other objects to be used for cover while the customers play the tactical games.

 “The demographics are for boys’ ages between 13-17 and for older ages, both men and women who like this type of thing”, says Korbi. The indoor, air-conditioned facility will also act as a training facility for police departments, and for police K-9 training.

Instead of a mural, which is what we do, I consider this project as a large decorative painting project. It was both fun and tedious with all the lettering and detail, says Gatica.

For questions and information on the facility call, Kurt Korbi, at 808-389-3593; and for any questions on the art call, Ray Gatica, at 281-441-9714.



Note to Editor: Both the Korbis, 808-389-3593, and Gatica, 281-441-9714, are available for interviews and photo sessions if necessary. To preview the paintings, visit the following links:, and,

Thank you for your time.