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    Houston TX:  Kids murals are a fresh new way to decorate kids rooms. The ideas can be varied - like their names being written in a clean graffiti style to - tranquil, colorful beach scenes to - dolphins, and sharks, for some. An experienced muralist  can cover a large wall area with color and design pretty quickly and in most cases inexpensively. So the cost can be contained depending on the artist’s experience and the client’s budget. He has does murals for home and business to - large architectural gym graphics mostly in Houston, TX.

    Doing murals for kids rooms can be fun for artists. It allows the artist to leave the serious side and relax and be whimsical. “I get to play with colors that don’t usually enter my mind for the more serious stuff that I do.” Says, artist Ray Gatica, who specializes in large murals and big art. 

He also paints a lot of the murals with the airbrush. Actually, the majority of the mural is hand-painted with child safe latex and acrylic paints, using a traditional brushes and rollers - then he uses the airbrush to soften shadows and edges. Ultimately, it gives the art a soft, three-dimensional effect that reflects the soft airbrush effect and style. 

    Over the years, I have done a variety of things for kids. For baby, home, nursery murals, I have done little black baby angels for a baby in a home in the nursery, another one with animated, cartoon biblical characters of Noah’s Arc and the varied animals. There have also been baby portraits; life-size Tweety Birds with fluffy clouds in another home nursery and whimsical scenes rolling hills, trees, with rabbits, happy clouds, butterflies and flying birdies.  

See samples Baby Nursery Murals and Art 

    At a commercial children’s’ nursery in Atascocita, Texas, we have done three murals one is based on Winnie the Pooh and other relative characters. Another one was a colorful, old fashion train with kids as passengers happily waving out the window. 

    For older children, ages 9 – 16, there have been underwater themes with dolphins and sharks. Not mean sharks, just a friendly one> But the 9 year old knew what he wanted, and knew they had to be anatomically correct, as he had a great interest in underwater life, (Marine Biology).  Lucky for me, I had done similar things in a more serious setting so I was able to deliver and please his discerning taste. There have also been Rug Rat characters in a Bally’s nursery, in Humble Texas; there have also been life size, and larger sports players and sports team logos.

     I have also done more sophisticated, XBOX theme game room murals, with Buck Rodgers flying machines, with kids riding their skateboards in space while being chased by a futuristic motorcycle policeman an “Intergalactic Speed Enforcement Officer”. Go to see kids room samples In these murals, I put in 8 ft. tall, three-dimensional planets like Jupiter, Saturn and the moon. There have also been fishing and lake scenes for a 10 year old.

    Another thing that works for this age group, is graffiti wall art, featuring their names with maybe, the school mascot or school colors along other radical colorful graphics I create as I paint.

     The murals are fun for kids and act as conversation pieces and something they can show off to their friends. And, you know they like that!

     You can see some of Gatica’s art works at, and He can be reached at 281-441-9714, or emailed at

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