Airbrushed Murals
By Airbrush Magic, Ray Gatica

When Airbrush Artist, Ray Gatica, Houston, Texas,  creates in hand painted murals he adds a personal, unique touch to his works that adds a new dimension to the art. Even though he does not use this technique on all of his work he does it when he feels it needs an something extra.  

Gatica has been airbrushing for over twenty years.  Besides doing the obvious airbrushing motorcycles, vans, cars and  assisting with special art projects for clients that include interior designers, architects by doing decorative airbrush painting  for private clients.

Airbrushed murals are different because they usually have a softer feel than traditional art.

All the work is not airbrushed. Gatica starts the project painting mostly with regular brushes and rollers, this helps keep the over spray down and starting the airbrushing at this time is not necessary.  NOTE: This is only if you are painting on a wall or canvas or other porous surface. If you painting on metal such as a gas tank or automobile then it is all airbrush. Once he has gotten all the mural's base colors painted he proceeds to soften edges, shape, contour, shadow and add  highlights to the various facets of the painting. This serves to give the painting a three dimensional feel. 

Shields: By using his own hand-made shields of varying shapes and made of acetate, or cardboard he can control the over spray and apply the shadows and highlights just it is needed and intended. 

Another thing that Gatica likes to do is that once the art is done he likes to put on a soft edge to the mural with the airbrush. to give the mural the feel of it floating on the wall instead of it just sitting on the wall.

He has painted sailfish sculptors, repainted paintings, fixed and repaired art for private clients. Gatica is adapt at repairing art because of his ability to match colors, textures and create assorted nuances of any color and textures.

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