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Creating and Repairing Faux Finishes:

Faux finishes are a mode of decorating in these modern times. It is a way of decorating rooms by using a couple of colors or more to create interesting effects on walls that are a lot more interesting than a mono-colored wall without too much expense and effort. By using different color combinations you can create interesting wall effects that will serve to tie in the wall colors of a room with the furniture and draperies.            Go to See Samples

Usually anyone desiring a creative artistic faux finish has the options of creating their own. Some of the tools needed are sponges, smooth or rough ones - like sea sponges, which are coarse and are good for creating a more definite effect resembling the sponge's texture. A smooth sponge can be used to create a more soft effect and they can also be used to create a water-color wash technique or some soft swooshes on top of complimentary base color. 

You can also use old large brushes, used by the artist, to do a dry brush technique that allows the blending of colors more seamlessly and smoothly. Usually the faux finishes usually require that you work with two or more colors. For most cases, try to get complimentary colors that work well together. Your local paint centers provide an array of implements, tools for this along with paint samples to get an idea of what you might want to work with color wise.

Before starting try to get a vision of what you want to accomplish. There are numerous books on this. Before going in full speed ahead you can practice on the wall itself. You can always repaint the wall if you have to. However, when doing this brief practice run, do not build up the paint too much, other wise you might have to sand the paint down to smoothen the wall later. Of course you might like the effect and decide to keep it. "Remember in art, and while creating, accidents might turn out to be something interesting and spectacular!", says artist Ray Gatica. Doing this practice run is recommended more for trying to establish color combinations you might like. The main thing is not to be afraid to express yourself. It all depends on what you are looking to do.

For those who do not wish to get their hands painted up and walk around colorful - like an artist -  covered in paint - you can hire a person to do this for you. There are a lot of capable artist to do this for you for a fee. Most artist who paint can do this for you since they are used to working with colors and dabbing paint all the time.

Now lets say that you have done a beautiful job and have invested some time and money, or, maybe you hired and paid a handsome price for an artist or someone to create a beautifully colored wall that you think proudly think of a masterpiece and then some how it gets scratched, gouged and the artistic master pieces is ruined. In a case like this, it should not be too hard to go in a match do a faux finish repair if you saved some of the paint you or the service provider used. 

Tip: When having something like this done by someone else ask to keep the paint or at least keep a few ounces for future touch ups if needed.

Ray Gatica from , an artist out of Houston, has been hand-painting murals, large architectural, gym graphics; along with airbrushing over the years he also provides a set of unique services: repairing and retouching: wall murals, repairing faux finishes, and other artistic sculptors/props/items along with repairing glass stained and leaded glass window, etc.

Our services are unique because it usually entails matching, color, textures, patterns in some complicated faux finished walls. By doing what we do we can usually save the clients a lot of money because if a wall mural or a beautiful unique, faux finished wall that can cost in the range of $20.00 ? 30.00 + a square foot, has been damaged in a small area we might be able to match the color and pattern to do a spot repair. By us doing these small spot wall repairs, it eliminates having the whole wall repainted saving the client money.

You can reach us at 281-441-9714 or by visiting the following art related websites,, or

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