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Recently we finished hand painting wall graphics in one of the main hall ways at Forest Brook Middle School for the North Forest Independent School District ( NFISD). Go to see samples.

More recently we did similar works at the North Forest High School. Go to see.

We are a commercial art and design company. Our specialty is hand-painting interior design wall graphics. Sometimes we are contacted by architects, interior designers and sometimes they contact us directly through our website: Murals and Big Art. We have done a variety of high schools and middle schools in Houston, Katy, and Lamar school districts.

In this case, we wound up painting Texas based university and college logos. There were 8 of them total, and included A&M, TSU, U of H, Prarie View, A&M, Huston Tillotson College, HCC, Texas Longhorns, Sam Houston. 

 From an aesthetic point of view, the logos, approximately 3 X 4 feet on the average, added color, livened-up and stimulated the interior of the hallway. The hand painted graphics, ultimately, serve to add to the décor, but, besides the aesthetic value mentioned above, the principle had the idea that the logo graphics would also serve to put the universities into the mind of the young, middle school students at a young age, because as I was executing the painting of the graphics, a few students asked about them and I told them that they were logos of local universities that they were to aim for. So ultimately –the graphic logos serve to expose them to the local the college and university, and inspire and motivate them and give them something to shoot and aim for. I give the Principle a lot of credit for the idea.

Most passersby favorably commented on the works as it was being executing. Even the kids like it and complimented on the paintings.  

On our Process: Usually the schools provide the graphics they want painted, in a jpeg or PFD format. We take it from there.

Like afore mentioned, the schools usually provide the graphics, but we are able to work with them in designing some thing, if need be.

After we get the graphics, we take them and size them up to the best size to fit the space, not too large or small. Some time we are able to project the images right on to the wall. Other times, if the work space in limited we might have to enlarge the logos at our studio and make a pounce pattern to place on the wall to transfer the pattern to get ready to paint.  Usually, either way we do it, it is a very loose sketch that we put on the wall in charcoal pencil, or chalk depending on the color of the wall. After that we usually use a level to get all the line straight and horizontal if necessary. Part of the process is mixing and matching colors. Once this is done, we start painting.
It took us two weeks to prepare the designs, project them on the wall for size and paint them.

When the work is done, it has been cleaned-up, all the edges sharpened, and all the colors have been coated two or three coats and all sketch lines are erased and painted over.  The last thing we do is put a clear top coat over the paintings to enhance the colors and smoothen out everything.

The most fun for me doing this kind of thing is the smile that it brings to the kids and teachers. They appreciated this done in their school. Most of the teachers there were from the universities and colleges  logos painted.

There were also a few children that complimented me on the fine work that I was doing. There were even, a few children that wanted to help me paint.  

Maybe I will return and do something complimentary, so that the kids who want to paint and help me, can. This is still to be discussed further, with the principal.

We can be reached at 281-441-9714. You can see samples on our website: Our other related sites are,




School Graphics Can Help motivate, Inspire students