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    Humble/Houston artist, Ray Gatica specializes in hand painted Murals, canvas works and Big Art. Over the years, we have painted numerous, different themes and styles for residential and commercial clients. But when asked to create whatever, and is left up to the artist, he will paint in his favorite style "Art Deco". We'll be adding pages on a regular bases. 

For a free creative consultation call the artist, Ray Gatica at 281-441-9714, or email us at

    Below are some samples to whet your appetite. If you like Art Deco you will like our art. We create art and murals with airbrush overtones, to give them soft edges and a modern contemporary look and feel. Our murals usually contain art deco elements, i.e.,  exaggerated, elongated, stylish and bejeweled figures usually juxtaposed over exaggerated architectural elements.   

Cola Collection II.jpg (60159 bytes)(Above) 
Art Deco style Hand painted 
mural, Acrylic on wall 
Client: Coca Cola Store
Rice Village, Houston, TX
Size: 10' W X 8' H

Commissioned Art Piece
Client , Tomball TX
Dimensions: 8 Ft. X  Ft.
Acrylic on Canvas
The theme is a nice breezy, Caribbean patio window with flowing lace curtains blowing in the wind.

ELLU C.jpg (145378 bytes)

Art Deco Style Mural
Airbrushed, Hand painted, 
 Acrylic on wall
Client: Private residence
Dimensions: 8 Ft. Tall X 20 Wide.
Medium: Acrylic on wall
Newington, CT.
Size: 17' W X 8' H 

(Above) Airbrushed, Art Deco Style Wall Mural 
Title: Uptown
Client: Residential, Houston, TX
Size: 20' W  17' H

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Ellu 1.jpg (90827 bytes) Ellu B II.jpg (55526 bytes) 






(Above) Airbrush Art Deco style Canvas Mural
Title: Jackie's Concerto
Client: Residential
Houston, TX
Size: 8' W  6' H

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas with airbrush over la to give it the soft fee,  typical of airbrush art and the Art Deco style.

This canvas mural was painted in the artist's studio, transported to the clients home and then  installed on the wall and finished off with a molding frame.

We will be adding more Art deco Art as we go along.

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