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Creative Custom Interiors - 
Artist, Design Professionals Provide Unique Ideas for Home Décor


Houston, TX- Custom Interiors run the gamut and can include, from big canvas art, and to three dimensional art, sculptors, murals, faux finishes, decorative painting and metallic ceiling painting; and just about any other things, ideas a client can come up with and can be created by the home owner or talented artisans, sculptors and craft persons.

There are an array of large design companies, along with smaller, independent design studios and artist that can help home owners bring their design ideas and visions to life.

Everything starts with the idea. Whether, it is a painting on the wall or floor, or ceiling. And people that do this type of things have 'almost', seen it all and can provide ideas for clients looking for something different in home décor.

“I had the idea to laying down hardwood flooring in my home - just so that I could paint a design on it. It is something I always wanted to do.” says Artist, Ray Gatica, from MuralsandBigArt.com in Humble, TX..

Of course ideas are endless and some can be more complex to create, and some are easier and just a matter using different paints with rollers, brushes or pallet knives and trowels. In some complex designs it takes the artist time to think about the process it takes to create it. 

People in the business of creating custom murals, faux finishes and other artistic, decorative things for the home can attest that perspective clients can sometime broadside us with a really 'off-the-wall' ideas and things sometimes.

“One of the things that come to mind as one of the most unusual things for a home decor idea was painting a small bathroom walls a deep, rich red color and then ad a dark blue 'almost black' geographical map of the world dripping at a certain part of the wall. It was interesting, albeit unusual”, says Gatica.

After twenty years of painting murals, and creating art for clients, I still enjoy doing the decorative painting, type of thing, and helping clients bring their ideas to life. However there are times when the client may not be sure of what he/she are looking for. This is when it gets a little challenging. However something is always worked out. 

Artisans, people that do this kind of thing can tell you they have run the gamut of ideas, from Christopher Reese Lassen, underwater sea scapes style -canvas murals, wall murals, mountain scenes, Italian scenes with gondolas, out door murals on the sides of commercial buildings, large canvas paintings for churches, wall and floor art on hardwood floors - to painting and decorating furniture. 

“We have even done art repair to sculptors, metal art and also repainted glass stained windows during the years too”, say Gatica.

Even though, I am able to create in various styles, my personal style is modern and contemporary. My favorite style is Art Deco and when ever given the chance to do what ever I want - I will go with an art deco piece. 

I like its the exaggerated figures and simple lines a la Erte. One time, for a client in Post Oak area, I painted, 17 foot art deco figures mostly with the airbrush. The ceiling height was 20 Feet. The figures were juxtaposed a simulated New York skyline. Now that was a fun project! That project was one of my favorites, says Gatica, just because it was all art deco like I like. I also had the chance to do another one in Hartford Connecticut. Go to see Art Deco mural samples. 

"It makes me feel warm and good inside when I can help clients bring their visions to fruition." says Gatica. For me it is always about the client.

Having worked with architects, interior designers, project managers and the like, also helps broaden one's horizon. I see a lot of interesting ideas that I think “Man I wish I had all the time in the world to expand on all the great ideas we see”. Yeah, we see all sort of neat things while working in some of the projects we work on, Gatica says. From this experience we are able to provide an array of interior decor ideas...

We can be reached at 281-441-9714 or by email: Ray@GaticaArt.com.