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 Hand Painted Wacky World-Style Kids/Kidz Art Murals by Houston Artist

 Houston, TX., artist, Ray Gatica incorporates his whimsical artistic ability and airbrush to hand paint and create what is known in certain circles as ‘wacky world’ art and murals. Wacky world murals and art are usually found in kids rooms in schools, churches etc. The wacky style art is what it sounds like, wacky. The scenes consist of  colorful, distorted animated characters, architectural buildings, street signs, funky wacky trains, farm animals, etc.

 Gatica, is currently working at two churches hand painting airbrush images and characters on the wall of the kid’s wing in the school. The schools are in the Woodlands and Oak Ridge Baptist Church.  See samples

 Gatica is sought after for his hand painted airbrushed kidz murals and art, and particular style because there are no lines in the art just soft shadows, highlights and contours created with the airbrush. “Even though the art/murals are airbrushed – it doesn’t have all to be painted with the airbrush,” say Gatica. In order to minimize the over spray associated with airbrushing, Gatica paints, and lays down all the base colors with traditional brushes and rollers.. Once dry, the art will look flat and not very appealing. But when he applies his specialty shadowing technique he will separate the objects and images from the back ground and each other by airbrush painting and separating edges with  shadows and high lights. The result is a very pleasing unique style; a soft colorful 3-D, effect that is definitely airbrush.

  Before starting a project, Gatica consults with the clients to get an idea of the direction for the art.  He usually works off reference material provided by the client.

Gatica’s art, murals and big graphics are found in schools, hair salons, gymnasiums, churches and schools. Past clients include, commercial painting companies, interior designer, architects, and project managers to private homeowners.

 There are some companies that provide stickers for animated figures to be used as wall murals. This is an option too, however where there is high traffic like in a school hall way area, especially with kids, there might be problem with the kids picking the tape off the wall. There fore, a better option for this application, is to hand paint them where they cannot be picked off the wall. Gatica usually applies a clear topcoat to the wall after the art is finished, when required. This serves to protect the art and accent the colors in the art. 

Prices for custom, airbrushed mural vary and depend on the art’s complexity and detail involved. The price, runs anywhere from $10.00 a square foot to $25.00 dollar per square ft, versus around, $10.00 a square foot for the mass-produced stickers. Gatica is also adept at tailoring the work to the client’s budgets.

Along with the hand painting the murals, Gatica also provides a mural and art repair service. Some times when the murals get scratched or damaged, Gatica can come in a do the wall repair, match colors and repaint the images by using his airbrush photo retouching experience.

Gatica has been painting and airbrushing for over twenty years. He started painting murals and large wall, interior graphics when he was asked to paint a nail station in a hair salon when the salon owner saw him on the television news doing an airbrush demonstration for the I-Natural Cosmetic salon-line in Connecticut.  Since then, his commercial art usually consists of doing large architectural murals.

Gatica subscribes to the “Have Airbrush Will Travel” concept of business, where he travels to wherever business calls. His works can be found throughout the Houston area, Phoenix AZ., Connecticut, and Austin, TX.

To see some of Gatica airbrushed kids murals and airbrush art, please visit the following websites (follow ‘Kids art link’),

And to see some of the artist’s more fine-art related art, visit  He can be contacted at or by calling 281-441-9714.


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