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The above image is a PhotoShop composition of two converging walls to give an idea of the original setup.

Residential Art Deco Style Mural

Go Read about this pArtDecoMural.jpg (123018 bytes)roject - a case study

Above: You can see detail of the  lacy Leg Stockings and the heavy jewelsEllus art Deco Door.jpg (123970 bytes)

Above: Per the owners,  request we painted a Black Widow tattoo, you can see the detail in the pic. 


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Notice the property's owner in the background,  in the lower right side, behind the glass doors.ARTDecoCOMP.jpg (141945 bytes)

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The above murals are samples of Artist Ray Gatica's style, he calls New Deco. More of his work can be seen at,; Contact us with any questions at 281-441-9714 or


One of the coolest things about the overall project  was the way the door came out - very Art Deco - my favorite