Game Room Murals

 The following samples are all parts of the same game room mural at 
a private client's home in Cleveland, Texas. 
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Game room Murals are a favorite of ours. We've been asked to create these game murals by Interior Designers, Architects and Private clients for their homes.

When asked to do these type or works, we like to go for an outer space theme. We have fun with these type of murals because we be whimsical and free spirited and Artist, Ray Gatica can let himself work and let his own preferred personal style come through. 

Our style is very modern and has a Buck Rodgers style. We like to use the airbrush to enhance the work by adding soft shadow and high lights to give them a three dimensional look. But more than anything we are able to create some very striking special effects.

The following samples below are works we have created in the past few years.

The above sample at right, was the final touch on the mural, overhead on the  ceiling. The character is seemingly floating in space and waving down at the kids who visit the 
game room.

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