Gym and Architectural Hand-Painted Graphic Samples

Below: The gym and architectural graphics were all hand- painted at the George Ranch High School in Rosenberg. The original graphics were designed and provided by the school for us to paint on the walls.  See corresponding photos, below. Click on images to view larger

[A] LGI (Large Group Instruction) room. The tree was projected on the wall to to get the right size, which was then approved by the principal. It was then painted with roller and brush and then we airbrushed the edges to give a soft, feathered edge, and unique look. The rest of the graphics were simply hand-painted, no airbrushing was used.  The  elevations varies between 5 Ft to 20 Ft. in the gymnasiums. 

[B]   The completed  gym: you can Gatica on the lift up around 20 Ft. high as he works on hand-painting the large logos in the main gym. You can see the final products on the following photo.

[C] Final product in the main gym, after three weeks. These graphics was around 8 X 8 Ft. feet tall,  and the Longhorns on the side were around 20 ft. wide and 8 Ft. tall.  

[D]  Foyer, elevation is between 8-15 Ft. 

[E]  Smaller gym.

[F] Main dressing room

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 We also painted a few school and gym graphics at the Junior High School as part of the same project. go to see them.


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[B] Artist on lift twenty feet elevation

raylift GR.jpg (45153 bytes)GRHS Large Gym.jpg (116414 bytes) GRHS Small gym.jpg (91032 bytes)


GRHS Varsity Seal.jpg (107299 bytes)  [D] Foyer: Welcomes visitors to the Ranch. This was a good idea instead of letting the spcae go to waste.

  LGI RAYTREE.jpg (31385 bytes)                                                                            GRHS Foyer.jpg (74539 bytes)             



 [A] The LGI Room: 
This was large silhouette of a
grand, old oak tree and served
as a back drop, around 15 Ft. tall

[C] Finished products]
Hand-painted Gym Graphics

[E] The smaller gym got a different logo than the larger gym (above).

[F] This is the schools main logo, it was painted in the main dressing room, where the coaches can use as a backdrop  when talking to the media