Hand Painted  Gym Graphic Services
Houston Texas and surrounding areas

Houston, TX: Gym Graphics are a specialty of Houston based commercial artist Ray Gatica. When it comes to laying out and hand painting large gym graphics the artist uses the old time pouncing process which goes back to when big billboards and large architectural graphics and signs were hand painted by accomplished, talented artist.

When painting gym graphics Gatica employs a similar method as the old timers that used to paint the billboards and large architectural graphics back in the seventies. The process involves projecting the images to the required size, and then drawing the design on paper, then the line drawing is perforated with pouncing wheel. This allows the transfer the design to the wall where it will hand painted.

These hand painted gym graphics are permanent and will not fade, crack and can last a life time.

Gatica has been involved in the hand painted architectural graphics, murals, and gym graphics for over 15 years. 

Notable clients include, Reliant Stadium, where he painted about approximately, 20,000 square feet of interior design graphics at the Texan’s Stadium, At the Houston SPCA, working with an architectural firms he hand painted around 8000 square feet of architectural graphics. And at Katy ISD, Miller Tech building he painted around 5000 square feet at various architectural, interior design graphics at the newly added body and automotive shops.  

And most recently he has painted numerous large graphics and George Ranch High School, in Rosenberg, Texas. The school provided all the graphic designs and designated the places  for Gatica to paint. The project took around six weeks. Go to see GRHS project.

The designs are usually painted in colors specified by the architects or, what the design calls for. Sometimes scissor lifts are rented to reach twenty feet in the air in some gymnasiums and interior walls.   It usually takes him around ten to fifteen days to prepare, enlarge the designs and paint the work. After the painting is done, Gatica finally cleans up and touches up the designs to sharpen edges to finalize everything. The results are large sharp crisp images even on a block walls that will last indefinitely and will be maintenance free. 

Experience: Over the years he has worked with Architectural and Interior design firms, and has sub contracted to commercial painting companies. 

Contact us: We may be contacted at Ray@AirbrushMagic.net with any questions. Or you can call 281-441-9714. To see some samples see www.muralsandbigart.com.

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