High Ground Airsoft Project
July, 2015

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Above, at left, is the artist on the scissor electric lift. To the right, top, and bottom, you see perspective shot of the painted layout.

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NorthWallperspective.jpg (131359 bytes)
Not all of our commercial art hand-painting projects are  pastoral murals and, Big signage and graphics. Our latest project with High Ground Airsoft, was  more a large 'decorative painting' project. 

The owner, Kurt Korpi, contacted us through our website to bid on the painting project.  This new 36,000 square-foot facility is the first of its kind in Houston. The  facility is an indoor tactical gaming, playing and training facility using Airsoft play guns/equipment that shoot soft, air pellets. It can be compared to paintball, with out the paint, and the pellets are smaller.

Read Press Release for more information.

The place is a maze consisting of  hallways simulating streets, corridors and alleyways with a main corridor simulating a any-town USA main street consisting of faux business facades that we as commercial artist and painters made come to life - off the owner's vision.  He had quite a vision. "He provided some visuals as to what he wanted. Just to make sure we are on the same wavelength  - we asked a lot questions to make sure we were within his expectations then we took it from there" says, artist, Ray Gatica from MuralsAndBigArt.com. We specialize in hand-painting large, oversize architectural works of art, murals, graphics and signage.

Most of our works, created over the past few years, for both private and commercial clients, can be seen throughout Houston and surround areas. 

Our site for this types of works is
www.MuralsAndBIGart.com.  Our phone has been 281-441-9714 for the past 25 years.

Our site for regular art is www.GaticaArt.com.















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