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Above: The above graphic/mural was hand-painted at the main school entrance. At right you can see more detail of the work.

Below: are graphics/murals painted on the second entrance of the school. 

College Logos for schools graphics

At Murals and BIG Art we are specialize in hand-painting school graphics and murals. For the college logos shown here, the school selected  the logos and we took it from there. We size them up, make our patterns to transfer the design onto the wall and then we  hand-paint them on any wall surface including brick of various surfaces from smooth to rough textures. This process, allows us a clean and crisp perfect and accurate representations of the actual logos. The results are very professional and we get plenty of compliments.

We are experienced at working with painting companies, project managers,  architects, school principals and other professional.  

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Below are  assorted logos painted throughout the school walls. The average size is around 4 X 6 Ft. 
The school was North Forest High School in Houston, Texas. These graphics were were all hand-painted by artist Ray Gatica. Creating these images are a spin off from his experience in painting signs, large murals and graphics, including large gym graphics. 

The logos were selected and provided by the school officials we took it from there, we sized them up, and did the painting. 

We can provide a free consultation, contact us at 281-441-9714; our email is You can see more of these type of samples visit our website You can also visit our other art related websites at, and