'High Ground Airsoft' Project Images

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 At left - this was the final and largest painted segment. It served to cap off the corridor. This wall was around 17 Ft. tall by 40 Ft. wide. 


This is what we started with, plain walls with the horizontal lines you see above. At right you can see what we did.

                                                                                               ORIGINAL WALL.jpg (77445 bytes)     STANDARD.jpg (69743 bytes)

Above: At left - before being completed;  at right, you see the detail in the brick walls, and faux stone business front.



                                                 Alamo QuikStop.jpg (95420 bytes)

ESSEXRAY1.JPG (151546 bytes)         





                                                                                                 EASTWALL.jpg (81000 bytes)  Airsoft Flag Corner wPolice.jpg (75869 bytes)



HighgroundSoft NWcorner.jpg (79379 bytes)

The first image at near, top left was what we started with. We wound up painting/covering the double lines you see here as we created our own painted scenes over that. We painted all the lettering graphics clouds, trees as backgrounds proving our diverse ability to compose all the various facets to create what we aim for. We are professionals and get the job done. In this case we worked with the owners directly, but we are experience at working with architects, interior designers, and commercial painting companies when their need for our services are needed.

Second image to right, you can see the artist on the scissor lift we use to go from 6 feet to 19 feet in a matter of seconds...that is the fun part after all the tedious hours in painting the various facades..

Our site for this types of works is  Our phone has been 281-441-9714, and has been for the past 25 years.

Our site for regular art is

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