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 Airbrushed Sail fish

The client was a Architect that wanted to restore a paper-miche sculptor for a client of his.

For this small project we used the airbrush to give the sail fish a smooth color fade/transition which the client sought.

We started with a plain white base. We sprayed the colors on using urethane paints. The urethane paints allow for the smoothest color transition because they have a real fine consistency. The client had provided a few color samples of what he was looking to achieve.

We started with a white base then we applied the blue and gradually made it darker until we got to the blue we were trying to achieve. We then put in darker blue to feather the edges of the fins. Lastly we put in a dash of yellow to finish the painting applied a top coat of polyurethane (automotive clear) to give the finish a shiny, wet look.

Below you can see before and after pics of the project.

With over twenty years in the art  and design business. we can offer a mural and art repair services as well. Most of the time we can repair broken art sculptors, frames etc. And our special talent is that we can match existing colors to a T, for a flawless professional repair.

You can see the before and after pics below.

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Sail Fish Sculptor

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Sail Fish Sculptor